Apple Is Rushing Apple TV Apps through the Approval Process

AppleTVNewApple, long known for a slow and sometimes painful approval process, has really made an effort to speed it up. Typically, iOS apps take about 7 days for an approval; however, Apple TV apps are being approved on average in less than 24 hours.

Apple TV, which currently lags far behind main competitors Roku and Amazon in the number of apps and services available, seems to have changed its approval process in an effort to bring more apps to the Apple TV. At last check the Apple TV had 12 sports apps, and the Roku had over 160 sports apps.

We have talked to several app creators who say the main feedback Apple is giving is about navigation. Apple seems set in how they want apps to work on their Apple TV.

Both Roku and the Fire TV have more apps than Apple TV, and they are approving more every day. We wonder, how quickly can Apple close the gap not only in the number of apps but also in the number of popular services?

For now, we do know Apple is making a serious effort to bring new apps to the Apple TV as quickly as possible.

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