Apple Is Trying to Get More Streaming Services to Release Apple TV Apps

AppleTVApple TV has always lagged behind other streaming players in the number of video streaming services that support it; however, over the last year it has really made huge strides in the number of video streaming services that support Apple TV.

Now, according to Bloomberg, Apple is making a drastic change in an effort to convince more services to release an Apple TV app. According to sources familiar with the decision, Apple will cut its fee from 30% to 15% for any revenue generated from the Apple TV app.

The goal seems to be to attract services such as Amazon, PlayStation Vue, and Netflix to release apps and support the new Apple TV app.

There is also word that this new deal may have already attracted new services. DirecTV Now is rumored to have taken Apple up on their offer and will make the Apple TV one of the first devices that DirecTV Now will support.

However, there is a downside to this deal. It seems that Apple is fully giving up on hopes of creating their own Sling TV-like live TV streaming service. Now they plan to reach out to other services in an effort to help grow the Apple TV.

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