Apple TV App for Android TV & Google TV No Longer Allows Movie Rentals and Purchases

Apple’s latest update has removed the option to rent and purchase movies on Android TV and Google TV devices. The buttons with options to rent or buy movies or TV shows have been replaced with a How to Watch button.

While users can longer make purchases from their streaming device, it can still be done on other devices. A note alongside the How to Watch button says “You can buy, rent or subscribe in the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, and other streaming devices.” All previous purchases are still available to users.

FlatpanelsHD has confirmed that the option to rent or purchase on the Apple TV app has also been removed from other devices including Nvidia Shield and Chromecast, after Reddit users began sharing the news last week.

“It is unclear why Apple has downgraded its app on Android TV and Google TV but it could be related to commission rates,” FlatPanelsHD suggests. “Like Apple, Google charges a 30% commission on in-app purchases but not all in-app purchases were covered by the agreement in the past. It is possible that new terms were introduced.”

Along with Apple products, you can still rent or buy content from the Apple TV app on Roku, smart TVs, and Xbox and PlayStation consoles.