Apple TV, iTunes Add 4K HDR Support for Disney Movies

While the current Apple TV 4K has supported 4K HDR content for a few years now, Disney films, including those under the Pixar and Marvel umbrellas have been limited to 1080p HD through Apple’s iTunes storefront. However, Ars Technica reported this week that we’re starting to see Disney films pop up on iTunes boasting up to 4K resolution with Dolby Vision HDR.

Star Wars iTunes 4k

At the moment, the quality upgrade doesn’t appear to apply to all Disney movies on offer through iTunes, but a number of key titles, including the Star Wars movies and films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, are currently available in up to 4K with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Ars also confirmed that those who purchased Disney movies via iTunes should get HD-to-4K/HDR upgrades.

Many of these films were available in 4K through Disney’s own service, Disney+, but this development gives fans of Ultra HD digital downloads another option, one that may support higher bitrates than Disney+, which could lead to higher-quality video. In any case, if you’ve purchased a Disney movie through iTunes recently, keep an eye out for the option to upgrade and feel free to let us know what you think of the playback quality in the comments section.