Apple tvOS 10 is Out Without Single Sign-On But With Some Other Cool Updates

AppleTVApple made big news this spring with the announcement of single sign-on and plans for Apple TV—tvOS 10. Yesterday the Apple tvOS 10 hit the market but, sadly, there is no single sign-on.

The idea behind single sign-on is that you sign into one app on one device and all your Apple products will be logged in. Sign in once for WatchESPN and FX NOW will also be logged in.

For now Apple has not released an update on single sign-on but there are other cool updates.

Dark Mode

Love Apple TV but find the menus too bright? You can now switch the bright white background for a dark background.

dark-modeMovie Category Search Via Siri

Now you can ask Siri not only for movies and shows but also for movie categories such as “Movies about video games” or “romantic comedies.”

Smart Home Update

The Apple TV is now more of a smart-home center with the addition of HomeKit. With HomeKit you can use Siri on your Apple TV to control your thermostat or lights if you have a smart home device that supports HomeKit.

Memories for Photos

Just like for your phone, tvOS 10 now automatically creates collections based on subject and date.

New Music App

This update brings the Apple TV Music App in line with the iOS version.

Automatic App Downloads

Similar to how Roku just updates your channels, the Apple TV now will also automatically update your apps on the Apple TV.

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