ATSC 3.0 is Live in Tallahassee

NextGen TV is expanding again, with one Gray Television-owned station launching with the new transmission standard in Tallahassee, Florida. WNXG launched on December 2.

WNXG simulcasts five programming services on its ATSC 1.0 stations WCTV and WFXU – CBS, Me/My, Circle, Ion and Justice. Gray says that the ability to stream the four HD and one SD channels had exceeded the capability of ATSC 1.0.

“We constructed this low power station with the NextGen TV transmission standard using off-the-shelf components and our own internal engineering and IT professionals in order to gain valuable first-hand knowledge about this exciting new technology,” explained Gray’s Chief Technology Officer David Burke.  “Over the coming months, we will be putting WNXG through numerous experiments to test the capabilities and versatility of the NextGen TV standard to further understand how we might implement better services for our local viewers and advertisers.”

Gray plans to transition more stations to the NextGen TV standard in 2021.