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AT&T Announces Their First 5G Hotspot

Mid age woman sitting at tableLate last week AT&T announced their first 5G hotspot that they will use when AT&T rolls out 5G in the next few weeks. AT&T says this device will be used to roll out 5G internet in 12 cities this year including Houston, Jacksonville, Louisville, New Orleans, and San Antonio with 19 cities coming in early 2019 including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose.

“Today’s news is a seminal moment in the advancement of mobile 5G technology,” said David Christopher, president, AT&T Mobility and Entertainment. “This proves we are well on our way to the promise of mobile 5G for consumers.”

This new 5G NETGEAR Nighthawk hotspot will allow AT&T customers to access 5G internet through the AT&T network. For now, some details are still unknown like how many devices you will be able to connect at once for example.

Here is a video AT&T published demoing 5G internet:

”We’re at the dawn of something new that will define the next decade and generation of connectivity,” said Andre Fuetsch, chief technology officer, AT&T Communications. “Future smart factories and retailers, self-driving cars, untethered virtual and augmented realities, and other yet to be discovered experiences will grow up on tomorrow’s 5G networks. Much like 4G introduced the world to the gig economy, mobile 5G will jumpstart the next wave of unforeseen innovation.”

Verizon is already offering 5G home internet in a handful of markets including Houston Texas. In these markets, Verizon is offering 300+ Mbps down internet with no data cap and no device fees for $50 a month. AT&T and T-Mobile have both said they plan to launch a 5G network in 2018 but no dates have been set for when they go live.

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