AT&T Confirms Internet Customers Who Have DIRECTV NOW Will Be Exempt from Data Caps

Earlier this week, Cord Cutters News broke the story that AT&T is giving unlimited data to AT&T Internet customers who also have DIRECTV NOW. Now AT&T has confirmed to Cord Cutters News the deal and supplied additional details.

To get free unlimited home Internet from AT&T, you have to have an AT&T Internet account and DIRECTV NOW. Both the Internet and DIRECTV NOW services must also have the same home address.

Again, to be clear, you need both the AT&T Internet service and DIRECTV NOW to get this deal. Plus, both services need to have the same home address per AT&T.

Here is the email AT&T sent to home Internet and DIRECTV NOW subscribers:

Good news about your Internet service! Because you also added DIRECTV NOW℠ to your Internet service, we’re giving you unlimited home Internet data at no additional cost.¹ Unlimited data can be used for anything, not just for streaming DIRECTV NOW.

You don’t have to do a thing. We already added the unlimited home Internet data allowance to your account.

Remember: Keep both services at your current address to continue enjoying unlimited home Internet data at no charge.²

If you cancel DIRECTV NOW, then we’ll remove the unlimited home Internet data, and you’ll return to your current monthly data allowance. You can add it back at any time for $30 per month or by bundling your Internet service with another qualifying AT&T product.³

Already paying for unlimited home Internet data?

If you already have the unlimited home Internet data option for $30 per month, that line item will be replaced on your bill with a new unlimited home Internet data option line item showing no charge. If you cancel DIRECTV NOW, we’ll automatically add back your original unlimited home Internet data allowance for $30 per month.

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