AT&T Confirms The New Live TV Streaming Service AT&T TV Will Launch This Year

Channel Surfing ManToday during AT&T’s 2nd quarter 2019 earnings call AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson confirmed AT&T TV will launch this year during his opening statements. This seems to confirm the documents posted online by a reported AT&T employee. This new live TV streaming service will be built using DIRECTV NOW’s user interface and the DIRECTV NOW Android TV beta box.

AT&T did not make a lot of announcements about AT&T TV other than confirming it and saying it is a “thin” client broadband TV service but here is what we know:

Note: AT&T’s 2nd quarter 2019 earnings call is still underway. We will update this story as we learn more.

Update: AT&T confirms that AT&T TV will start rolling out this quarter and continue to roll out through 2019.

Update #2: AT&T says AT&T TV will cust the cost of getting new customers in half.

Update #3: AT&T will “be the work horse over the next few years.”

What is AT&T TV?

In short, AT&T TV will be a streaming-only version of DIRECTV. There seems to be a few major differences from AT&T TV and DIRECTV NOW. The main difference seems to be that AT&T TV will need an AT&T streaming player running Android TV.

A few weeks ago, AT&T’s President of Mobility and Entertainment David Christopher talked about the new service in an interview with FierceVideo. Here is what FierceVideo said Christopher told them:

“Christopher said that AT&T built its new streaming box for the service [the new DIRECTV streaming service] because the company believes it wouldn’t get all the benefits if it had just made the new DirecTV service an application.” FierceVideo went on to say: “Christopher reiterated the benefits that AT&T executives have previously laid out, namely the low-cost piece of hardware that consumers can install, which will help lower the cost of customer acquisition by eliminating the need for truck rolls and installers climbing ladders to put satellite dishes on roofs.”

What will AT&T TV cost?

The exact cost of AT&T TV is unknown, but AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson recently gave us an idea.

According to Stephenson, AT&T plans to launch its “thin” streaming-only version of DIRECTV later this year. The price of this new service will be lower but he did not give any details on how low or what channels it will offer.

Sadly, we don’t know the exact price but it will be cheaper than DIRECTV.

How will you get AT&T TV?

According to the screenshots posted online, you will need to buy one of AT&T’s streaming players from an AT&T store. From there you can take it home and start using AT&T TV just like you would DIRECTV.

What We Don’t Know

Sadly, there are still things we don’t know. Will AT&T TV have the same channel lineup of DIRECTV? What will the DVR limitations be? For now, we will have to wait for the official announcement from AT&T about the future of AT&T TV.

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