AT&T Employees Clarify the Upcoming DIRECTV NOW $10 Price Hike

Cheerful family having popcorn while watching television at homeOver the weekend Cord Cutters News broke the news that AT&T will be raising the price of DIRECTV NOW by $10 a month. New DIRECTV NOW customers starting sometime on March 12, 2019, will only be offered two DIRECTV NOW packages to pick from the DIRECTV NOW Plus and DIRECTV NOW Max. (This also includes the new ToDo y Mas package that will soon no longer be offered.)

There has been some confusion over what this means for current DIRECTV NOW customers. Thankfully, several AT&T employees have reached out to Cord Cutters News to answer many of the questions around DIRECTV NOW’s $10 price hike on current subscribers. International packages will also be seeing a price hike and according to our sources some “Premium Channels” will also be seeing a price hike but current customers prior to March 12th, 2019 will not be impacted by international channel and premium channel price changes. (Yet the base package will still be going up $10 a month on Live a Little, Just Right, Go Big, and Gotta Have It.

According to AT&T employees and the documents they have supplied to Cord Cutters News, some time on March 12, 2019, current DIRECTV NOW customers will be notified of a $10 a month price hike. (Traditionally, AT&T sends emails like this out late in the day.)

This price hike on current DIRECTV NOW subscribers will go into effect on April 12, 2019. When your DIRECTV NOW account renews on or after April 12, 2019, you will find a $10 a month price hike.

Current subscribers will be grandfathered into current packages with current channels. According to employees we talked with, if you cancel and want to come back to DIRECTV NOW you will need to pick from the new DIRECTV NOW Plus or Max packages.

Current discounts will continue, but the base package will still go up $10 a month. So, if you are paying $40 for the Go Big package on April 12, 2019, it will become $50 a month for the grandfathered Go Big package.

Once again, for now your current price and package will remain unchanged. On April 12 the price hike happens on current subscribers. You will also get to keep your current package as long as you stay a member. If you cancel and try to come back, you will be forced into the DIRECTV NOW Plus or Max package.

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