AT&T Files for a Trademark on AT&T TV

It looks like AT&T is once again getting ready to rebranding their TV service to AT&T TV. Yesterday the website TV Answer Man reported that AT&T has filed for a trademark on the name AT&T TV.

This is in line with recent efforts to rebrand U-Verse services as AT&T services. Recently AT&T renamed their U-Verse phone and internet services to AT&T Phone and AT&T Internet, The one area they have kept the U-Verse name is with their U-Verse TV service.

It’s likely that AT&T has decided to finally put an end to the U-Verse brand once and for all. Especially since in recent years and months U-Verse marketing has slowly been reduced. Yet it is also possible that is part of a longer-term plan to also rebrand their DIRECTV service.

What we do know is this is mainly targeting a traditional pay TV service. In the trademark application, AT&T said this was for “Set-top boxes; computer hardware and software used for the control of voice-controlled set-top boxes; remote controls for set-top boxes.”

From that description it sounds like AT&T has no plans to include their DIRECTV NOW streaming service at least for now; however, it is possible that may change at some future date and time.

So what do you think of the new name? Good move for AT&T? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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