AT&T Has Completed The DIRECTV NOW & DIRECTV Streaming Merger

Online movie stream with mobile device. Man watching film on tablet with imaginary video player service.As of today if you stream DIRECTV or DIRECTV NOW, you are streaming from the same servers. In the past AT&T had two completely separate servers, apps, and account for DIRECTV NOW customers and DIRECTV customers. Over the last few months, AT&T has started merging the two systems moving DIRECTV NOW subscribers to AT&T account.

Now overnight it looks like AT&T completed merging DIRECTV NOW and DIRECTV’s streaming service to a single service. This merger has resulted in some DIRECTV NOW customers seeing not only their channels but every channel DIRECTV customers have access to in their guide. Lee Hodge was one of the DIRECTV NOW customers who had this happen to them and posted a YouTube Video showing all the new channels in his DIRECTV NOW app.

AT&T has announced plans to launch a streaming version of DIRECTV. This merger seems to be one more step in that direction. Now it does not matter if you subscribe to DIRECTV NOW or DIRECTV the difference is the price, channel lineup, and contract. 

For AT&T this move will save them a lot of money. No longer do they have to build and maintain two separate apps, servers, etc. Now they have a single app, and a single set of servers managing the streaming. Now all they have to do is sell different packages with different channels and terms.

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