AT&T Increases Prices for Grandfathered DIRECTV NOW and AT&T TV NOW Plans

AT&T is now raising prices of legacy AT&T TV NOW and DIRECTVNOW plans. Most customers with these plans will see a $10 increase on their next bill. The move puts the monthly cost of these legacy plans in line with the new AT&T TV plans.

The price increase will not affect those with an AT&T TV plan. All grandfathered DIRECTV NOW and AT&T TV NOW plans will increase by $10, except for the DIRECTV NOW Gotta Have It Plan which will stay the same at $94.99.

AT&T is sending out the following email to customers.

Hi (customer)

Thank you for subscribing to AT&T TV NOW and being a valued customer. We appreciate your business and are proud to be a part of your entertainment – anytime, anywhere, on your favorite devices.

Periodically, television networks increase the fees they charge AT&T for the right to broadcast their movies, shoes, and sporting events. Due to the increased programming costs, the price of your AT&T TV NOW package will increase to (new price) and your total monthly charge will go up by $9.99 starting with your (payment price) payment.

As a long-time streamer and early adopter, you’ll continue to save. On your exclusive (legacy plan) deal.

For details on your package options login to your account here.

On behalf of our AT&T family, we are so grateful for your business.

Thank you for choosing us.


New of the legacy plan price increases comes just days after AT&T sold a large minority stake of its video business to TPG. In that announcement, we learned that current AT&T TV plans would not be impacted, but that the video business will be changing its name to the New DIRECTV. That doesn’t necessarily mean another name change for the service, but likely means a name change for the provider of the service.

In January 2021, AT&T stopped allowing new customers to sign up for it’s no-contract streaming service AT&T TV Now and merged the service with its existing AT&T TV business. AT&T TV now has a lineup of. no-contract streaming plans and 2 year contract streaming plans.

Now that the deal with TPG has been announced and price increases for grandfathered plans are going into effect, it seems like AT&T is once again attempting to streamline its video business by putting streaming plans under one umbrella (aside from HBO Max) and updating pricing to encourage customers to leave their legacy plans and move to current AT&T TV plans.