AT&T is Raising DirecTV Prices in January 2021, Lowering the Price for Starz and Showtime

AT&T will be increasing prices for DirecTV and U-Verse TV packages beginning January 17, 2021. They’ll be lowering the price of Showtime, Starz and Cinemax by $3 a month each. As with previous price hikes, AT&T claims increased programming costs is the reason behind the price adjustment.

“Due to increased programming costs, we’re adjusting the price of our video packages. Periodically, TV network owners increase the fees they charge DIRECTV for the right to broadcast their movies, shows, and sporting events,” the company shared in a notice for customers, first spotted by TV Answer Man.

Update: an AT&T spokesperson reached out to CCN with the following statement. “We are adjusting the prices of our video packages to align with the costs of providing the entertainment options that our customers have come to expect. We have lowered prices on many popular premium channels.” AT&T will be lowering the price Showtime, Starz and Cinemax by $3 a month each.

The price hike will affect the following DirecTV packages:

  • Basic Choice, Basic: $1/month increase
  • Preferred Choice: $3/month increase
  • Select, Entertainment: $5/month increase
  • Mas Ultra: $6/month increase
  • Choice, Total Choice, Total Choice Limited: $7/month increase
  • Xtra, Preferred Xtra, Choice Xtra Classic: $8/month increase
  • Ultimate, Premier: $9/month increase

The price hike will also affect the following U-Verse packages:

  • U-family: $5/month increase
  • U200 Packages: $8/month increase
  • U300 Packages: $9/month increase
  • U400, U450 Packages: $9/month increase

While many live TV streaming services have seen price hikes this year, this is another reminder that cable prices are going up as well. Cord cutters have the advantage of being able to pause or cancel a streaming subscription without termination fees and switch services to fit their content preferences and monthly budget.