AT&T May Stop Selling U-verse TV in 2020

ATT Uverse logoFor some time now we have heard that U-Verse TV’s days are numbered. Recently AT&T has confirmed to Cord Cutters News that U-verse TV is no longer offered in markets where the new AT&T TV is now available. Now AT&T has announced that AT&T TV will go live nationwide in February of 2020, raising questions about the future of U-verse TV.

Cord Cutters News asked AT&T for comment about the future of U-verse TV after AT&T TV goes nationwide. All AT&T would say was the national rollout of AT&T TV would not affect current customers. AT&T declined to answer our question on if signups for U-verse TV would stop when AT&T TV rolls out.

AT&T has also slowly been shutting down the U-Verse TV social media. A few weeks ago, U-Verse TV’s Facebook page merged with the It’s On AT&T Facebook page (It’s On AT&T used to be the DIRECTV NOW Facebook page). This weekend we noticed that AT&T locked the AT&T U-Verse Twitter account and directs everyone to subscribe to It’s On AT&T on Twitter.

At first, we wondered if AT&T was shutting down all of its TV social media accounts to merge them with It’s On AT&T. A quick check shows that DIRECTV still has all of its social media active.

It has been reported for some time that AT&T planned to stop offering U-Verse TV as it tries to push subscribers to DIRECTV and the new AT&T TV. In July, someone posted documents online that said AT&T would stop offering U-Verse to new customers as AT&T TV rolled out. The same documents gave details about AT&T TV that were later confirmed by AT&T, including the fact that in August, U-Verse TV would stop being offered in markets that get AT&T TV. This is exactly what happened and helps confirm the other information posted there.

Reports of U-verse’s demise started as far back as 2017 when Yahoo reported that AT&T would shut down U-verse TV. Also, in 2017, AT&T rebranded U-Verse Internet to AT&T Internet and U-Verse Phone to AT&T Phone.

According to our sources, current AT&T U-verse TV customers will be able to keep their service. AT&T reportedly hopes to move all U-verse TV customers over to DIRECTV or the new AT&T TV but for now, AT&T says current U-verse subscribers will not be impacted by the rollout of AT&T TV. The lack of comment about new signups for AT&T’s U-verse TV in a post AT&T TV world does seem to support the reports that U-verse TV’s days are coming to an end at least for new customers.

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