AT&T Needs to Regain the Trust of Cord Cutters for AT&T TV & HBO MAX to Be Successful

This week AT&T announced plans for HBO MAX, a new on-demand streaming service that will cost $14.99 a month. HBO MAX will include bundle deals with AT&T TV and offer content from HBO and a huge collection of WarnerMedia properties.

The main issue AT&T has is not the line up or content HBO MAX will offer but rather regaining the trust of many cord cutters after DIRECTV NOW.

AT&T launched DIRECTV NOW with a huge amount of fanfare and aggressive marketing. A few years later and AT&T has all but walked away from DIRECTV NOW, which is now called AT&T TV NOW.

For many cord cutters this has left a negative impression of AT&T and their streaming efforts. Many Cord Cutters News readers have told us they are cautious about any streaming service from AT&T.

Many people worry that HBO MAX and AT&T TV may be the talk of AT&T today but in a few months or years, AT&T may decide to walk away from the service.

Their concern is understandable as AT&T is using some of the same marketing tactics with HBO MAX as they did with DIRECTV NOW.

Now add in a long list of technical issues and promises that never came true like a DVR add-on for DIRECTV NOW, and you can see why former AT&T streaming customers are skeptical.

Sadly, yesterday AT&T failed to address any concerns over AT&T’s streaming issues. If AT&T wants to be successful, they will have to win back customers.

For now, AT&T has made no move to address these concerns. The question now is what could they do to regain the trust they lost.

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