AT&T Reportedly Used Questionable Tactics to Sell DIRECTV NOW

Worried couple reading a letter sitting on a couch in the living room at homeIn 2017 DIRECTV NOW saw explosive growth but now some AT&T employees are saying they were pushed to use “unethical tactics” to grow sales according to Hawaii News Now.

According to employees who were recently fired AT&T managers pushed sales staff at the store to create multiple accounts. When someone in a store would signup for DIRECTV NOW sometimes as many as 5 accounts would be created. The practice was to cancel them after the sale was made but one current AT&T employee says that you should bank statements.

“Check your statements, I have no doubt that there are still people that are being charged,” the current AT&T employee told the Hawaii News Now.

From the sounds of it AT&T has set goals for DIRECTV NOW sales for each AT&T store. (Something that is very common in sales. AT&T also uses call centers to push DIRECTV NOW subscriptions.) AT&T said in a statement that they started cracking down on such questionable practices late last year when they became aware of it. Yet the problem seems to be continuing as AT&T has just this once again cracked down on the practice.

In early 2018 AT&T sent representatives to Hawaii to investigate reports of improper tactics and according to multiple reports, AT&T fired several employees recently according to the Hawaii News Now.

How true all of this is hard to tell. Yet this is a great reminder of how important it is to monitor your bank account and make sure you are not being doubled billed for a service. If you are being doubled billed for any service immediately contact that company. This can happen to anyone as I once somehow ended up with three subscriptions to the same music streaming service.

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