AT&T Says Grandfathered DIRECTV NOW Customers Will Keep Grandfathered Pricing & to Ignore What That Email or Notification Said

For the last few weeks, AT&T has been sending out notifications to grandfathered DIRECTV NOW informing them that their pricing will be coming to an end soon. A few weeks ago emails went out about the end of the promotional pricing and this week the MyATT app notified grandfathered subscribers about that their promotional pricing would come to an end in December.

According to AT&T PR, this is not true, and these emails and notifications have been sent in error. AT&T once again has confirmed that grandfathered DIRECTV NOW customers who keep their plans current will keep the discount on their old DIRECTV NOW packages.

Update: AT&T PR sent Cord Cutters News the following statement about these notifications: “Today, we have no plans to cancel the promotional pricing for our customers on the grandfathered Go Big deal. We are looking into why this message may be showing up for some customers in the MyATT app.”

The almost week emails going out to DIRECTV NOW (now called AT&T TV NOW) informing them that their grandfathered pricing is coming to an end have raised a lot of eyebrows. This has left many DIRECTV NOW customers concerned that with the name change to AT&T TV NOW they would lose their grandfathered deals. Each time through AT&T has been quick to say that these emails are in error.

Sadly AT&T has not clearly explained why so many notifications and emails have gone out to DIRECTV NOW customers about promotional pricing coming to an end though AT&T has made it clear that they considered grandfathered DIRECTV NOW customers as being on a promotional offer.

So, for now, DIRECTV NOW customers seem safe to keep their promotion pricing. Hopefully, AT&T will fix the emails and notifications to AT&T TV NOW customers that say otherwise.

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