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Again AT&T SportsNet Hints At a New Cord Cutting-Friendly Option

AT&T SportsNet (formally Root Sports) is one of the last sports channels to not offer a streaming option for cord cutters.

There have been rumors that it will be coming to a live TV streaming service including a statement by the Utah Jazz over the summer that their new contract would include AT&T SportsNet in a live TV streaming service.

Now there is a new hint that it’s coming because AT&T updated their help page for the new AT&T SportsNet app to include a section that says:

AT&T SportsNet gives you access to watch your favorite teams, sports content, and award-winning live game coverage from more devices and on the go. Requires authenticated subscription to qualifying cable/satellite/IPTV package. To see if your affiliate has made access available, please check:

As best we can tell there currently is no AT&T SportsNet app, and this new help page is still new; however, it clearly lists cable, satellite, and IPTV (aka live TV streaming).

Root Sports was formally owned by DIRECTV and sold to AT&T last year as part of the DIRECTV deal. It is understandable with the move over to AT&T that it would be one of the last sports channels to join a live TV streaming service.

Now with AT&T owning DIRECTV NOW and AT&T SportsNet many have speculated that DIRECTV NOW will be the first to offer AT&T SportsNet, but as of today there has been no announcement from AT&T.

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