AT&T TV NOW is Experiencing Widespread Billing Issues Causing Confusion With Subscribers

Couple looking over billsLast Friday, AT&T started to notify AT&T TV NOW customers of a price hike that would take effect on November 19th, 2019. AT&T TV NOW PLUS/MAX customers will see a $15 a month price hike, and grandfathered customers will see a $10 price hike.

As of today, it seems that this price hike announcement is not without some issues. Some AT&T TV NOW customers are seeing a $10 decrease, and others are seeing their bills go up by $25 a month. Even more, customers are reporting that their $25 grandfathered Go Big discount for being an early subscriber has vanished.

According to AT&T PR, the official price hikes will be $15 on MAX and Plus, along with $10 on all other plans. According to AT&T support customers who are seeing a $10 decrease or a $25 price hike are seeing these messages in error. AT&T is reportedly working to fix these billing issues but for now, many customers are seeing incorrect pricing in their AT&T accounts.

Sadly to make things even more confusing is that AT&T did not email all AT&T TV NOW customers at the same time. This new price hike takes effect on November 19th, 2019. Customers will see the price hike happen on their next bill after that date. AT&T is emailing customers 30 days before that price change takes effect, so if your next bill after that date is not until sometime in December, you may not get an email notification for weeks yet. This has lead to confusion as some customers are seeing news reports about the price hike before AT&T contacts them about the change to their bill.

Sadly this is not the first time something like this has happened. Over the last year, AT&T has repeatedly emailed incorrect billing information to AT&T TV NOW customers. 

If you believe you are being overcharged or are losing your $25 Go Big grandfathered rate, you need to contact AT&T customer service. Sadly AT&T does not offer phone support to AT&T TV NOW customers, so you will need to use the chat feature or send in an email.

Do you think you are being overcharged or under changed by AT&T? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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