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AT&T U-verse Is Dropping Data Caps for Some Users

Close-up side view part of young African man using laptop while sitting at his working placeAT&T has long been known as one of the strictest ISPs when it comes to data caps on both their DSL service and U-verse Internet services. Now because Charter and Time Warner do not have data caps and Comcast is raising theirs to 1TB—not to mention new ISPs, such as Google Fiber, coming to new markets—it looks like AT&T is being forced to make a change to their data caps for the second time this year.

If you have AT&T U-verse, your data cap will be at least 1TB starting August 21. If you subscribe to the 1 Gbps service, AT&T U-verse will drop your data cap and allow you unlimited usage at no additional cost. Sadly, if you still have their old DSL service your data caps will still start at 150 GB per month.

“1TB of data per month is enough for up to 400 hours of HD video streaming per month (or more than 13 hours per day!).” AT&T stated in its blog post.

There is still the loophole that if you have DirecTV or U-verse TV all U-verse Internet plans are cap free something that has upset cord cutters for some time.

Although this may not be the perfect solution for cord cutters, the higher data caps will allow cord cutters more room to stream without worrying about overages. So maybe the free market is working a little bit in Internet services? Maybe just a little…

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3 Responses to AT&T U-verse Is Dropping Data Caps for Some Users

  1. PCTechmaster07 August 1, 2016 at 8:56 am #

    Good article Luke!

    While I’m glad to see the (stupid) data cap go from 600GB to 1TB for my Internet service, I still say it’s pointless to put a data cap on home Internet. Personally I think they had to raise the cap to deal with the competition and to keep more customers from switching to a competitor (there’s quite a few posts about it online).

    “There is still the loophole that if you have DirecTV or U-verse TV all
    U-verse Internet plans are cap free something that has upset cord
    cutters for some time.”

    That “loophole” is intentional. I remember reading an article about a month ago that talked about how anyone who was paying for Internet only (e.g. cord cutters) could pay an extra $30 fee to have their Internet without a data cap or they could sign up for their TV service and have the data cap removed. As far as I’m concerned they are extorting their customers to try and get cord cutters to switch back to their TV service or are having them pay an extra fee to keep being a cord cutter; neither are acceptable.

    Right now my household goes over that 600GB by the time the month is close to over, so 1TB will work for the time being. When I have to move in a few months though I’ll be looking into a competitor that will not have data caps.

    • Iacobus August 1, 2016 at 3:11 pm #

      Wish I had the luxury of switching providers. xD

      I have Xfinity/Comcast, who just implemented a 1 TB cap themselves, though the market where they enforce this is limited right now; it’s not nationwide and isn’t in my neck of the woods yet. However, to remove the cap, instead of $30 like it was before, it’ll be $50. Yay.

      My household in July went over 1.8 TB. This was due to several things, not the least was watching concurrent Netflix streams but also SFN TV Now’s service, which has fantastic picture quality but the service eats my bandwidth like it’s candy. (I’ve had it go as high as 10 to 12 Mbps.) I’ve petitioned Southern Fibernet to see if I could get them to let us control the bandwidth like Netflix, Sling, et al. do. It’s not exactly high priority but they’re listening, at least.

      I’m just hoping they get it implemented in time before Comcast decides to drop the hatchet on all of us. >:(

  2. HeyRadar August 3, 2016 at 8:45 am #

    Big thing is to go to the bedroom TVs and lower their bandwidth usage.

    A 32in TV doesn’t need 1080p video even if it can do it. Honestly 480p (DVD quality) is good enough for the kids rooms.

    Also turning off the auto play helps. Since everyone keeps just turning off the TV and not exiting the apps first. Something Roku and Fire TV needs to address. They can detect when the TV signal goes out over there HDMI . They should pause the video or exit to home at that point.