AT&T Will Stop Slowing Down Unlimited Elite Wireless Customers’ Data

AT&T is upgrading its AT&T Unlimited Elite wireless plan with some new key features. While data under the plan is technically unlimited, the provider has deprioritization in the fine print after customers hit 100GB of data per month, meaning your data could be throttled if the network is busy. Now, AT&T is doing away with that practice and making the high-speed data plan truly unlimited no matter how much data you use.

The upgrade has started rolling out this week. Unlimited Elite members will automatically get a text notifying them when the benefit has been added.

AT&T is also upping its mobile hotspot data allowance from 30GB to 40GB at no extra cost, which is a timely upgrade with so many people working remotely right now. The plan is also getting 4K UHD resolution video where available. The AT&T Unlimited Elite wireless plan already includes HBO Max as part of the subscription, so now viewers will be able to stream that and more in 4K.

The AT&T International Day Pass is also getting some new perks, including only being charged for a maximum of 10 days, even if they stay abroad longer.\This includes unlimited talk, text and the data from their wireless plan. Pricing for the first 10 days is $10/day, and $5/day per additional line used in the same 24 hour period.