Luke Bouma

Luke Bouma @LukeBK on Twitter graduated from Grand Valley State University and has spent the last 7 years as a dedicated Cord Cutter. He has been featured as a cord cutting expert for many publications like Wall Street Journal, Maxim, Refinery29, USAToday, BBC Radio, iHeart Radio, and many more. Luke Bouma founded Cord Cutters News, LLC back in 2014 and also writes for Mohu, Ting, and has guest blogged for Roku and several other sites.

/ 5 years ago

Your Weekly Cord Cutting Deals

Smart Power Strip: Roku Stick: Sony Blu-ray Player and Streaming Box: Chromecast: Random deal of the week:…
/ 5 years ago

Marriott Hotels Add Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, and YouTube to Their TVs

UPDATE: Today we heard from some of the people behind this project and they let us know the system has been installed in about 10,000 hotel rooms so f…
/ 5 years ago

The Cord Cutting Show Episode #5

Episode #4 of The Cord Cutting Show is now online! AFTVnews, CordCuttersNews, and TheStreamingAdvisor have teamed up to bring you a weekly podcast abo…
/ 5 years ago

Could Australia’s New Tax on Netflix Come to the United States?

Australia made it official this week, implementing a tax on Netflix and all similar services in an effort to create “a level playing field.&rdqu…
Blog / 5 years ago

Introducing the Cord Cutters Club!

Cord Cutters News is starting a newsletter called the Cord Cutters Club. This weekly newsletter, sent out every Monday morning, will give cord cutters…
/ 5 years ago

Review: Kinivo M2 Bluetooth Big Bass 2.1 Speaker System with NFC

The Kinivo M2 Bluetooth Big Bass 2 Speaker System offers impressive sound at a cheap price. A great option for someone looking for better quality soun…
/ 5 years ago

Hallmark Channel: “No Future Plans To Join Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime”

The Hallmark Channel is one of the last channels to hold out on online distribution for the majority of their movies and some TV shows. And they have…
/ 5 years ago

Fox Networks say “NO” to Sling TV and to free online sports streaming.

  In an exclusive interview with Fox Networks Manager of Digital Distribution, Brandon White, Cord Cutters News was told Fox Networks will not b…
/ 5 years ago

Why The Verizon FiOS Double Play Packages May Not Be The Best Deal For Cord Cutters

As cord cutting grows, “cable” companies are fighting back with plans to entice potential cord cutters to stay with their current service.
/ 5 years ago

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