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Tablo Just Released an Update to Their Tablo DVR

Nuvyyo, the maker of Tablo DVRs, released a new update for their popular live of DVRs. This update brings several updates that make the Tablo DVRs even better. “Since 2013, Nuvyyo has been focused on making Tablo the defacto app for live TV on the widest variety of internet-connected screens,” said Grant Hall, Nuvyyo CEO. […]

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Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating retired people cancelling cable TV service

Explaining the Reality of Cord Cutting

Over the years I have learned that new cord cutters often struggle with the sudden change from a cable service that they had for 30 years to the new cord cutting. There are new remotes to learn and new places to find your favorite shows. No longer do you think channel 5 for Fox. You […]

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Here Are The Top 10 FREE Fire TV Apps as of July 2017

The Fire TV library of apps has been quickly growing to offer a range of apps giving users access to a ton of 100 percent free content; however, many of the apps are not video apps, so it can be difficult to find good cord cutting apps. So here are the top 10 free video Fire TV apps as of […]

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Cheerful couple cuddling and sitting on the couch watching tv at home in the living room

PlayStation Vue Improves Its DVR

One of PlayStation Vue’s biggest selling points is its DVR, and now Sony has made it even better. Recently PlayStation Vue has quietly changed how its DVR works. Now if you record a sports event, it will automatically add 50 minutes additional recording time at the end of the event. This is done to make […]

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Not Since 1991 Has Cable TV Subscriber Numbers Been So Low

If you are a cable TV executive subscriber numbers are probably not your favorite subject to talk about right now. With the exception of a few bumps here and there since cable TV subscribers hit their peak back in 2000 at 68,500,000, it has mostly been downhill from there. According to the FCC in December […]

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