Here is The Average Monthly Bill for a Cord Cutter

HuluWe often hear how being a cord cutter won’t really save you any money, but now cord cutters have proof that they really do save money. A recent study from Digitalsmiths, a Tivo-owned research company, shows how over 62% of cord cutters spend on average less than $20 a month for their streaming subscriptions.

The study looked at over 3,000 US consumers, and here is the breakdown of what people pay for streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, etc.

3% spend $1–2/Monthly
3.4% spend $3–5/Monthly
24.6% spend $6–8/Monthly
22.9% spend $9–11/Monthly
10.3% spend $12–14/Monthly
25.5% spend $15–30/Monthly
10% N/A

Now it is true if you subscribe to every service out there that you could spend more than what cable TV charges. However, that is the benefit of cord cutting—you get to pick the content you want. Do you just want Hulu and Netflix? You can do that. Do you want Netflix and HBO NOW? You can get just those two, too.

The list of combinations continues to increase as new services jump on the cord cutting bandwagon. Yet as more services come out more people try to convince you that it costs too much to be a cord cutter. The truth is even if you spend the same as the core package your cable company offers you can avoid the fees and taxes that cable companies add on to your bill.

So the good news for cord cutters is the fact that you can ditch cable and save money.

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