BBC Select is Now Available on Amazon Prime Video Channels & Apple TV

This week marked the launch of BBC Select, an ad-free channel for US and Canadian audiences with content covering culture, politics, and ideas.

The channel is now available through Prime Video Channels and Apple TV for $4.99/month.

“For nearly a century, the BBC has been synonymous with extraordinary television programs – full stop. Name any genre, the BBC is best in class at identifying talent and providing them a platform for expression,” said Rebecca Glashow, President, BBC Studios – Americas in the original announcement about the new channel. “As we shift our business focus to engaging our fans direct, the digital space offers us the opportunity to bring audiences a portfolio of shows that bring new ideas and perspectives into the conversation. Our research has shown that audiences are looking for an alternative to what is already out there.  BBC Select is it.” 

The channel “for those who crave knowledge, new perspectives, and programs that are not your standard fare,” according to General Manager & Launch Director Louise la Grange, includes a slate of programming exclusive to the service along with series and special from the BBC. Titles include “The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty,” “Geniuses of the Modern World,” and documentaries from Louis Theroux.