The Best Antenna Company of 2017 Is… (2017 Cordie Winners)

Sports awardsOne of the most popular questions we get is what is the best antenna company for cord cutters.

As over-the-air TV grows and more stations and channels launch antennas are once again seeing a rebound in American homes. As this happens many Americans are left wondering what is the right antenna to get.

Now I could tell you what I like but that is one person’s opinion. So we asked our readers what antenna company they thought made the best antennas. Here is how they voted…

In third place is RCA:

RCA antennas offers a wide range of antenna options at many stores such as Walmart and online. The well-known RCA brand has a loyal following and received 13.7% of all votes.

In second place is Antenna Direct:

In 2017 Antenna Direct revamped their lineup of antennas with a brand-new more powerful set of antennas. From this and their long history of powerful antennas they received 23.1% of all votes.

In first place is…

Mohu Antennas:

When you think modern antennas you likely think of the flat antennas that hang on your wall. They are easy to hide and have a modern look. The most popular brand of flat antennas has to be Mohu Antennas, but they also offer other types of antennas including the Sky 60 roof antenna. They received 34.8% of all votes.

Some other companies that received votes:

Winegard Antennas received 10.4% and Terk Antennas received 6.3% of all votes.

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