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CinemaNow Leak Suggests the Roku 4 will Come Out in October

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Update: It has come to our attention that CinemaNow was sold to Reliance Majestic Holdings recently. Best Buy no longer owns CinemaNow but their name still shows up on some out of date pages on their site. We apologies for this error.

Update #2: UK Roku Channels came across a brief listing on the US Roku Channel Store for something called 4K Showcase. Roku quickly removed it but they got screen shots and more details here:

Here is the original post:

A recent promotional deal posted on CinemaNow, a Best Buy owned streaming service, clearly stated that you would get 4 free HD rentals with the purchase of a Roku 4, starting October 1st 2015.

This could have been a simple typo that was meant to say Roku 3. Yet, instead of fixing the error, Best Buy took down the page. We reached out to our contact at Roku for a comment on this development, but have not yet heard back from them.

This is not the first time Best Buy has leaked news of a new Roku. In the spring of 2015 Best Buy accidently listed the new Roku 3 before it was announced. So, it is very possible that Best Buy once again has leaked a new Roku product.

Just this week Cord Cutters News had posted saying we thought it was unlikely a new Roku would come out in 2015. Yet, we are willing to say we may have been wrong. Leaks like this typically are great sources for discovering when new products will come out.

When the new Roku 4 is announced, please check back for full coverage on our site and a breaking news Podcast about the Roku 4.


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2 Responses to CinemaNow Leak Suggests the Roku 4 will Come Out in October

  1. Joltarin September 22, 2015 at 7:05 pm #

    Reliance Majestic Holdings (RMH) bought CinemaNow from Best Buy over a year ago now. You can see that Best Buy is no longer mentioned in CinemaNow’s TOS while RMH is:

    CinemaNow is being slow to update some of their apps to remove Best Buy’s name from them though.

    I’d value a $20 or $25 account credit more but it’s a good business strategy to offer several free rentals instead.

    • Admin September 22, 2015 at 7:07 pm #

      Thanks for the heads up the post I looked at still had Best Buy’s name on it. You would think in a year they would have removed it all by now. I will update the post shortly.