Best Buy Wants to Help You Become a Cord Cutter

Scissors cutting a computer wire on gray background (wireless or blackout concept)Recently we are seeing a flood of services to help you become a cord cutter. Now Best Buy is jumping aboard.

If you need help getting an antenna and your streaming player set up, the Geek Squad will do that for you. For just $129.99 a Geek Squad employee will come to your house and set up your antenna and your streaming player.

The Geek Squad says it will do the following:

  • Unbox your streaming player and antenna
  • Connect your streaming player to your network
  • Configure your device and set up your apps
  • Set up your iOS or Android device to work with your streaming player

A great service for people who need help, but because it only does an indoor antenna most will find themselves able to do it on their own.

There are other services that offer antenna setup. Amazon will do it for you in some areas. Dish will not only sell you an antenna but it will also install it: $99 for an indoor antenna and $150 for an outdoor antenna.

While this is likely not for everyone if you have family that lives far away and need help these services are a great option. So it is nice to see services like this around.

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