BitTorrent Releases a Legal Sling TV Like Streaming Service

FamilyBitTorrent has long been known as a way for third parties to download movies and TV shows without paying for them. Yet there is a real company behind BitTorrent, and they want to take on Sling TV.

BitTorrent is now offering a new service called BitTorrent Live that offers a handful of channels that you may have never heard of such as FightBox and Heroes TV. According to Erik Schwartz, vice president of media at BitTorrent, “We are talking to pretty much everyone.”

With online streaming becoming such a huge market it is understandable why they would want to jump in. BitTorrent technology would help reduce the crossing and lag that happens with other services. Still they are entering a crowded market with Sling TV and PlayStation Vue already there and DirecTV, Hulu, YouTube, and others about to launch similar services this year. Even Apple is rumored to want to give their Apple TV streaming service a second try.

The real question here is will cable channels be willing to work with BitTorrent? Although BitTorrent itself has done nothing wrong, are content providers willing to put their content on a service with a name like BitTorrent that is mostly known for how third parties use it to download free content?

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