Cable Provider Quits Pay-TV, Says They’ll Coach You Through Cutting the Cord

Scissors cutting cordEven Cable TV providers are cutting the cord.

Beld Internet is shutting down it’s cable TV service due to the high costs of operation.”It’s true, replacing cable can cut your bills by 100 bucks or more each month. Stream your favorite shows and content while saving money,” their website now says. Formerly Beld Broadband, the Braintree Mass. based company announced their decision Monday September 23.

“As of December 2, 2019, BELD will no longer offer cable television service due to costs beyond our control,” Beld GM Bill Bottiggi said in a statement. “So for any Braintree … resident thinking about cutting the cord, now’s the time and we’ll coach you through it with straightforward, step-by-step guidance.”

It’s true – their website now has a section dedicated on how to cut the cord with FAQs, a list of suggested streaming providers, devices and more.

“Most streaming services generally cost much less than cable and eliminate the need for cable wires and unwieldy boxes (and their rental fees) on every TV. In all, streaming can save customers up to $1,000 or more each year,” the company continued.

Beld is staying in the Internet business, now introducing a new gigabit offering (1 Gbit/s downstream by 300 Mbit/s upstream) for $99.95 per month via its DOCSIS 3.0 plant.

Although Beld is getting out of cable, they will still provide local television via streaming on their BCAMTV website.

Montana based 2 Rivers Communications is another small cable company that recently quit the pay-TV business due to the rise in costs, and there could be more to come. Even larger companies like CenturyLink are starting to shift their emphasis away from pay-TV.

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