Cable TV Executive Says “Cord Cutting Isn’t Happening”

For years there have been debates about what is and is not cord cutting. Cord cutting’s existence has even been questioned. Now a cable TV executive is jumping into the argument in a big way this week at CNG2019.

“Cord-cutting isn’t happening,” Tom Williams, VP of engineering and technology for Indiana-based service provider Schurz Communications said. “Maybe they [consumers] aren’t taking video service, but I’m still selling the broadband cord. I still have those relationships and those customers. To me, the cords are still there … we’ve just lost the video subscriber.”

There is a real argument for what Williams said. From his point of view, he still has you as a customer if you drop TV and keep internet. (For a far smaller profit margin.) Yet that is not really what cord cutting is about.

For most cord cutters, when we talk about cord cutting, we are talking about saving money on TV. Today, people are just not seeing the value in an expensive cable TV package. Cord cutters see value in internet and are willing to pay for it but not TV.

Though there is one issue Williams is ignoring: the growing trend of cord cutting your Internet provider.

In years past, cable and DSL providers have relied on the idea that you had no other option. That is slowly changing as fiber and, more importantly, wireless Internet options like 5G slowly start to roll out. Right now, Dish, Verizon, T-Mobile, and others are all racing to offer home Internet services that will compete with cable and DSL.

This comment about internet is similar to what cable companies said about TV. Only time will tell if internet will face the same fate of TV as cord cutting spreads to other areas.

Source: LightReading

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