Cable TV Prices Are Increasing Again

Depressed mature man holding paper and looking at it while sitting on the couch at homeIf you are not a cord cutter, it may be time to consider canceling cable TV and becoming one.

Recently many TV stations made a big deal of Netflix raising its price on most subscribers $1 a month after several years of the same price. Now Optimum is increasing its Broadcast Basic package by $6 a month. But it didn’t stop there. Optimum is also rolling out a $4 a month “broadcast TV” surcharge to legacy subscribers, and the sports fee will also increase $1 to $2 a month depending on your tier according to The Hour, a local Connecticut news platform.

Optimum TV subscribers could see their bills increase by as much as $12 a month or $144 a year. There are even reports on Reddit that Cox is notifying customers of price hikes.

This all comes a week after Optimum struck a deal with Disney to keep Disney-owned networks such as ESPN and the Disney Channel. As part of the new deal with Disney Optimum will carry every ESPN channel Disney has. Optimum said there was no direct connections, and that the price increase was because of “escalating fees charged by sports networks and broadcasters.”

So next time you hear about how expensive cord cutting is becoming with that $1 Netflix price hike remember it’s a fraction of what we see from cable TV companies.

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