California’s Net Neutrality Bill Passes Through Committee

California is trying to join a growing list of states with Net Neutrality laws or executive orders. Recently Senate Bill 822 written by state Sen. Scott Wiener past its second vote before the State’s Senate’s Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

Senate Bill 822 would prohibition against slowing down or blocking access to content and a ban on zero-rating. The zero-rating ban would be the harshest net neutrality rule yet imposed even the FCC did not ban zero-rating on wireless carriers. This would put an end for example to AT&T’s unlimited data if you use DIRECTV NOW.

“California can — and must — step up to re-establish the Obama-era net neutrality rules to protect consumers and our democracy,” said Senator Wiener in a statement. “Yesterday, the Trump Administration’s repeal of net neutrality went into effect, leaving people all across our country vulnerable to internet access manipulation by corporations looking to benefit shareholders and bottom lines. The good news is that SB 822 has support from a diverse and growing coalition, and we can win the fight to bring back net neutrality for California residents.”

As you would expect large internet service providers, like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast, oppose the California Net Neutrality law. While they say they still support the basic idea of net neutrality, they argue for bans on things like zero-rating and paid-priority.

The next vote on the California Net Neutrality bill will happen int he States’s Senate Judiciary Committee before it heads to a vote in front of the whole Senate.

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