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Some Fun Facts About Netflix Found In Their Job Postings…

Some fun facts found in Netflix job postings. We ended up finding some interesting, previously unconfirmed details, about Netflix. Here are just a few: “We currently operate in 50 countries, and by the end of 2016 that number will grow to 200!” Netflix has a Security Intelligence & Response team that fights “service abusers, criminal […]

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Cord Cutting Weekend Deals! Roku 3 Only $74.50, Harmony 650 Remote $58.50, Half Off Smart DNS Service, And More…

Here are your weekend cord cutting deals! Want get a free 14 day trail and half off your first month of Smart DNS service? Just use code “CordCuttersNews” when you sign up on their site. (Select the monthly plan for $4 and click on “Do you have a promo code.) Access your content from wherever you are. […]

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We are back!

Hello to all of faithful readers! Sorry we have been gone the last 3 days but we have good news. We have been on the road the last 7 days recording some reviews! We drove over 800 miles and recorded over 6 reviews including some products that have not even been released yet. We plan to […]

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How Many Streams Can You Have At Once With WatchESPN, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant, And More

Every wonder how many streams you could have at once with your subscription? We did some digging to find out how many streams you can run at once for many of the popular services out there today. Hulu – 1 Stream Amazon Instant – 2 Streams Netflix – 1, 2, or 4 streams […]

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