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A young woman is sitting in her kitchen and is loking at her receipts at home while using a smart phone

How to Use a Pre-Paid Credit Card with DIRECTV NOW

Pre-paid credit cards are a popular way to protect yourself online from having your bank account information stolen. Sadly though many streaming services do not accept them. The good news is DIRECTV NOW will accept a pre-paid credit card, but you need to know what kind of cards are accepted. You need a pre-paid credit […]

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How to Watch TBS without Paying for Cable TV

TBS recently has been expanding its original programming helping to make it a popular network for cord cutters. The good news is you can watch TBS without having to agree to a two-year contract with cable TV. The even better news is that TBS is available on several streaming services, giving you a ton of […]

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Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating people cancelling cable TV service

How to Make Cord Cutting Easier

Cord cutting can be slightly intimidating at first for new cord cutters. You go from watching TV the same way for 30 or more years and now you need to learn a new way to do the same old thing. The good news is cord cutting does not need to be scary or intimidating at […]

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