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Cutting access to the Internet, cable to the router

Net Neutrality Rules End June 11th

Back on December 14th, 2017 the FCC voted to end the so-called Net Neutrality rules. The vote was 3-2 party-line vote by the Federal Communications Commission to repeal the controversial utility-like oversight of internet service providers that was put in place by Democrats in 2015. “The internet is the greatest free-market innovation in history,” Ajit Pai, the Republican who took over […]

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Live News Is Now FREE on The Roku Channel

Back in April Roku announced plans to bring free live news from services like ABC News, Cheddar, and Newsy to The Roku Channel for free. Now as the 8.1 Roku update starts to roll out Roku has turned on their new free news service. “We built The Roku Channel so it’s easy to navigate, offers […]

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The FCC Approves Samsung’s New 5G Home Router

This week the FCC approved Samsung’s 5G home router in time for Verizon’s 5G launch later this year. Earlier this year Samsung and Verizon announced a collaboration to offer an end to end 5G solution—from the tower to indoor routers. This is a major step closer to the official Verizon 5G service launch. Earlier this […]

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