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T-Mobile Plans to Bring 5G Internet to 200 Million Americans By The End of 2019

Today T-Mobile announced that they will roll out their 5G internet service to 200 million Americans by the end of 2019. “5G is the most transformative technology of our lifetime – faster speeds, better coverage, real-time responses, more connections,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “It’ll dramatically change our mobile experience, fuel brand new experiences […]

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The FCC will Auction off 3.5 GHz That Can Be Used for 5G Internet Next Year

Today the FCC voted to get comments on proceedings for a proposed auction for Priority Access Licenses (PALs) of 3.5GHz Band. The 3.5 GHz band holds the potential to be prime spectrum for 5G services, which would mean expanding the capabilities of bringing 5G Internet to homes and businesses across the US. The Commission has […]

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A New 5G Home Internet Service is Launching in California Starting at $34 a Month

Today Common Networks announced that it is launching a new 5G home internet service offering speeds up to 300 Mbps with multiple plans to pick from starting at just $34 a month.  “With today’s reliance on the internet for everything from education to payment processing to entertainment, it should be more convenient and affordable to […]

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AT&T Plans to Offer True 5G Internet Nationwide By The First Half of 2020

Back when AT&T announced 5G speeds on their wireless network many of their competitors pointed out that 5G Evolution was not true 5G. Now AT&T has announced that they have successfully rolled out what they are calling 5G+ what their competitors called true 5G to Dallas TX. AT&T says this is the first step in […]

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AT&T is Launching 5G Internet in New York City Today

Earlier today AT&T announced that they are launching 5G internet in parts of New York City using the 5G millimeter wave to mobile. This brings AT&T’s total number of 5G cities to 21. “As a densely-populated, global business and entertainment hub, New York City stands to benefit greatly from having access to 5G, and we’ve […]

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