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FCC Marks Completion of Repack Project, Clearing Way for Wireless

The Federal Communications Commission announced that the post-incentive auction transition successfully hit its July 13, 2020, deadline. While a few s…
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AT&T Expands 5G Coverage to 28 New Markets

AT&T has announced that its 5G wireless network is now available in 28 additional markets and now reaches 179 million people. With this launch, AT…
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Dish’s Hopes of Building Fourth 5G Network Under Scrutiny

Concerns are mounting about Dish’s plans to build a 5G wireless network to compete with AT&T, Verizon, and the newly merged T-Mobile. Origin…
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5G: How Much Do Consumers Know, How Much Do They Care?

The term “5G” has been floating around for some time now, with major telcos investing heavily into network upgrades and marketing campaign…
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Regional ISP WilloWeb Deploys its First 5G Fixed Wireless Access in San Jose

We’re well into 2020 and it’s clear 5G is set to have a big year, with several major companies continuing to tout their expansion efforts.
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FCC Scores $4.5B in ‘Largest Ever’ Spectrum Auction

The Federal Communications Commission announced today it’s concluded bidding in what’s known as Auction 103, bringing in about $4.5 billio…
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Commission Updates Guidelines to Prep for 5G Expansion

Image Credit: satelliteguys.us An international commission issued updated exposure guidelines aimed at keeping pace with the ongoing rollout of 5G net…
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AT&T Targets Early 2022 for 3G Sunset

While 5G may be grabbing all the attention and headlines these days, mobile carriers have been working on plans to move away from older networks and,…
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State, Local Groups Call for Large-Scale Broadband Expansion

Groups representing state governors and cities issued a press release this week urging Congress to use the planned C-band spectrum auction as a way to…
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T-Mobile Launches 5G in 3 Cities

T-Mobile’s 5G rollout spreads to a trio of cities today, with residents in Twin Falls (Idaho), Jackson (Tennessee), and Corvallis (Oregon) now a…