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Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating people cancelling cable TV service

Idaho Is the Most Cord Cutting Friendly State & New Jersey Is the Least: See Where Your State Falls

This week the research group Waterstone released a new state-by-state look at the growth of cord cutting. They talked with 5,000 Americans to figure out what state has the most cord cutters living in it. According to their survey, Idaho is the most cord cutting friendly state with 72% cutting the cord followed by Kentucky, […]

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PBS Jamestown

PBS Plans to Launch on Services Like DIRECTV NOW, YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, & More This Year

Last year PBS announced efforts to launch on live TV streaming services like Hulu and YouTube TV. They carefully warned though that well PBS owns the rights to many of the syndicated shows the local content is owned by 350 some member stations that PBS as a parent company does not own or control. This […]

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Laptop 2

Microsoft, Nokia, C Spire, & More Team Up to Promote Rural Broadband

Today C Spire, Airspan Networks, Microsoft, Nokia, and Siklu, announced a collaboration that will test and deploy a variety of broadband technologies in combination with a new service to promote broadband connectivity in rural America. This will combine efforts for both wired and wireless internet services that will help bring broadband internet to rural America. “Our […]

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