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News / 3 years ago

Pluto TV Latino Adds 11 New Channels

Recently Pluto TV added a new Spanish section called Pluto TV Latino. Now Pluto TV has added 11 new channels to the service bringing the total number…
News / 3 years ago

Tubi is Launching a New Free Kids Area With 5,000 Hours of Content & Expanding Into the UK

This morning the free streaming service Tubi announced that it is expanding into the UK and launching a new kids area with 5,000 hours of content for…
News / 3 years ago

Pluto TV vs STIRR: Two Great Free Streaming Services Compared

Pluto TV and STIRR are both 100% free streaming services offering a wide variety of content in categories including sports, news, and entertainment. I…
Free Streaming Services / 3 years ago

Pluto TV is Celebrating Halloween With a Different Horror Movie Every Night

If you’re looking to get in the Halloween mood, Pluto TV has just what you need with their 31 Nights of Horror. You can watch a different scary…
News / 3 years ago

The Free Streaming Service XUMO TV Recently Added 22 New Channels

XUMO TV is a free on-demand and live streaming service that brings a ton of content to your favorite streaming player. Now over the last few months, X…
News / 3 years ago

The Roku Channel vs. XUMO: Two Great Free Streaming Services Compared

If you’re looking for sports, news, movies, and entertainment content to add to your cord cutting setup, take a look at free streaming services.
News / 3 years ago

Tubi is Looking to Raise $150 Million in Funding

The free streaming service Tubi is looking to begin a new round of funding, now looking for an additional $150 million, according to sources for The I…
News / 3 years ago

The Free Streaming Service STIRR Has Added Ten New Channels to Its Lineup

The free streaming service STIRR has added more channels to its lineup. Viewers have found some new channels on their guide, all branded with the STIR…
News / 3 years ago

XUMO vs Pluto TV: Two Great 100% Free Cord Cutting Options

XUMO and Pluto TV are each free streaming services with live and on-demand content including sports, news, entertainment, movies, and more. In this po…
News / 3 years ago

Pluto TV Adds 12 New Channels Including Baywatch, The Addams Family, American Gladiator, & More

Last night Pluto TV added 12 new channels to its free streaming service. These channels include several 24/7 channels of popular shows like American G…