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fuboTV Now Has 60fps Support on 41 Channels

As live TV streaming services mature the focus now is increasingly going from whether they have the channels and shows I watch to video quality. One of the main things people look at when it comes to video quality is frames per second, or fps. Frames per second tells you how many times the image […]

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FuboTV Roku

fuboTV Rolls Out Massive Roku Update

Recently fuboTV quietly rolled out a massive update to their Roku Channel. Now you will find new capabilities including looking ahead 7 days and dedicated network pages to find shows and VOD content. Here are some of the key features you will find in this newly updated fuboTV Roku Channel: The ability to continue watching VOD […]

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fuboTV Adds 6 New CBS, FOX, & NBC Affiliates

Today fuboTV once again announced that they have added more locals. This time fuboTV announced another 6 local stations, bringing the total to 227 (including those owned & operated by or affiliated with CBS, FOX or NBC), plus access to FOX network programming in 45 additional local markets. This includes: FOX coverage in 82% of U.S. households, including 20 of the […]

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fuboTV launches “Adventure Plus” Add-on with Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, & More

Today the live TV streaming service fuboTV announced that they have launched a new add-on called “Adventure Plus.” This new add-on will give subscribers access to MAVTV Motorsports Network; Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks – Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network; and Outside TV – America’s Premier Adventure Sports Network. This new add-on is an optional add-on that will cost […]

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fuboTV Will Add AMC Networks in March

Today fuboTV and AMC Networks announced a deal to bring AMC Networks to fuboTV later on in March 2018. This will include AMC, BBC AMERICA, SUNDANCE, IFC and WE tv. “fuboTV is fast-becoming a popular streaming option for viewers who want access to the best live sports and entertainment content available on any device and we are pleased to bring our popular, distinct and culturally […]

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Update: fuboTV Adds 19 New CBS & FOX Affiliates

Today fuboTV announced that they have added another 19 local stations, bringing the total to 221 (including those owned & operated by or affiliated with CBS, FOX or NBC), plus access to FOX network programming in 45 additional local markets. Update: fuboTV just sent out a updated list of channels that now includes 19 locals. This includes: FOX coverage in […]

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5 Free Trials I Think Every Cord Cutter Should Try

The best part of being a cord cutter is having a ton of services to pick from. What makes cord cutting even better is the ability to try most of them for FREE. Unlike with cable TV, cord cutting gives you the opportunity to test out a service before you have to pay for it. […]

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