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Netflix Moves to Block More VPN Providers

Back at CES Netflix announced that they would make the service available worldwide; however, a few weeks later they announced they would start cracking down on VPN and smart DNS users. “A massive number of people are affected,” Jordan Fried, CEO of Buffered VPN, told Wired. “We are in touch with hundreds of people daily about the […]

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Roku 4k TV

Roku’s First 4K TVs Are Now for Sale

Today Roku announced that the first 4K UHD Roku TV models are available for purchase today. There are three 4K UHD Insignia Roku TV™ models and they are available exclusively from beginning today and in Best Buy stores nationwide early next month. As with all Roku TVs, the 4K UHD Insignia Roku TV models feature our award-winning Roku® operating system (Roku […]

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Hulu Blocks Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Did you use a pre-paid credit card to pay for your Hulu account? If so, we have bad news for you . . . Hulu is reportedly moving to block pre-paid credit cards. You may be wondering why Hulu would block them, and the reason is simple: many people use pre-paid credit cards to purchase […]

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Sling TV Just Had a Huge Week Full of Announcements

Sling TV just had a huge week full of announcements and new channels being added. Monday The week started with a report in the Wall Street Journal saying that people who have seen the numbers are reporting that Sling TV now tops 600,000 monthly subscribers. For a service that is just a year old, 600,000 […]

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Roku is Recalling Select Roku 4 Boxes

Roku recently began contacting Roku 4 owners that their units may be part of a recall. It seems that some Roku 4’s have a “manufacturing glitch” that could potentially cause an issue. If you are part of this group, the email address associated with your Roku account will/should have received this email: Dear Roku Customer, […]

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DirecTV Plans to Take on Sling TV

DirecTV and Dish have long been battling it out over subscribers as the two largest satellite TV services. Now they plan to fight it out on a new battlefield: online video streaming. According to the Wall Street Journal DirecTV announced they plan to launch a new streaming service in the fourth quarter of 2016. The […]

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Sling TV Adds The Weather Channel’s Local Now

Sling TV is adding the Weather Channel’s Local Now service to their core $20 package. “Local Now is an innovative new service that gives our customers the ability to immediately catch up on local news, traffic, weather and sports and stay connected to their communities,” said Roger Lynch, CEO of Sling TV. “Our customers have […]

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