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Content Owners Want You to Wait Longer to Stream Shows

Content owners are starting to seriously become worried about cord cutting. In an effort to push back they are putting their bets on making you wait even longer to get your hands on shows that recently aired. Currently you can legally get your hands on a show the next morning after it airs. If Time […]

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Amazon Now Powers Netflix…

In a move that brings two rivals together Amazon is now powering Netflix. Amazon has long been one of Netflix’s greatest rivals when it comes to streaming, but the two seem to have put that behind them to work together when powering the huge back end of Netflix. Now Amazon is not powering everything Netflix […]

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Cable Companies Are Trying to Hide the Growth of Cord Cutting

Cord cutting has been growing month after month and is clearly scaring cable TV providers. Scaring them so much that they are moving to hide the true number of subscribers that are dropping the service. How are cable companies hiding the number of cancelations? According to DSL Reports cable companies have started to count streaming […]

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The Kodi Community Targets Groups Using Their Name

Update: We received word from the Kodi Team today and have updated the story with more details.  Kodi, the widely popular media center, has started to enforce their trademark. In a post on their site community members announced they will be going after sites and groups who use Kodi in their name. The Kodi community has […]

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Sling TV is Adding Cinemax

Sling TV today announced that they will be adding Cinemax to their programming lineup for $10 per month, marking the first time Cinemax is available to consumers on a live standalone Internet TV service. Available to subscribers of “Best of Live TV” or one of Sling International’s base packages, Cinemax is now available across all […]

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Sling TV Is Opening a New Software Development Hub

Sling TV is the leader in OTT live streaming of your favorite cable channels. Now it looks like Sling and parent company, Dish Network, are investing in their software to ensure they stay on top. Recently it was announced that Sling TV and Dish Network are adding 100 new tech jobs to staff the new […]

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