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BitTorrent Usage Continues to Fall

BitTorrent was once a dominant factor in streaming and was one of the largest sources of traffic on the web. Now, after a dedicated effort to combat BitTorrent piracy and new better options, BitTorrent traffic continues to fall. In 2011, 18.8% of North American traffic was BitTorrent traffic, but in 2016 BitTorrent traffic has dropped […]

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Netflix Family

Netflix Will Soon Allow Customers to Download Videos

Love Netflix and wish you could take it with you on a long flight or car trip? Well soon you should be able to do just that… From a report over at Light Reading says “We know from our sources within the industry that Netflix is going to launch this product,” Taitz tells the outlet. “My expectation […]

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Netflix Updates Their “Icon”

Netflix is no stranger to changing their logo or icon. A few years ago they replaced their white text with a red background logo to a red text with a white background logo. Now Netflix has updated what they call their “icon” that they use on social media. @jjleedesign Nope! Just added a little flair […]

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August 26, 2011 - Austin, TX - Longhorn Network Studio: Empty set of the Longhorn Network Launch. Credit: Joe Faraoni/ESPN

ESPN Is Struggling in the Face of Cord Cutting

It was recently reported that ESPN was losing over 10,000 subscribers every day, and now it looks like ESPN is feeling the pain of cord cutting. Over the last year ESPN has been axing staff and content from their main ESPN networks. Now it has been reported that ESPN has cut all studio shows for […]

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