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Roku Now Streams Cozi TV & MyNetworkTV For Free

Ever wish you could stream some of the smaller over-the-air TV networks for free on your Roku? For some time now only a handful of over-the-air TV networks—mostly limited to networks like Buzzer and Comet TV—have streamed for free. Now Cozi TV and MyNetworkTV are streaming for free on Roku. Two TV stations—MyNetworkTV KCWX and […]

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Roku Brazil

Roku Launches Globoplay Channel & is Now Available in Brazil

Today, Roku announced that the service will now be available in Brazil, in partnership with AOC, bringing an affordable streaming option to the country. “I’m delighted to bring Roku to Brazil, one of the largest streaming markets in the world,” said Anthony Wood, Founder and CEO of Roku. “With the arrival of Roku, consumers in […]

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Roku No Longer Has Reuters TV: What Happened and How to Watch Reuters TV Now

Recently, Roku users have noticed that the Reuters app is no longer available, and they’ve taken to social media to ask what’s going on. This is the reponse Roku has been giving though their support account. Reuters channel was removed from the Roku platform today at the request from the channel partner. Find more great […]

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Amazon Wants to Challenge Roku For Dominance in OTT Ad Sales

Ads on streaming services and streaming players have become a huge market one Roku has recently dominated. Now according to the Wallstreet Journal Amazon wants to expand its ad sales form the Fire TV to a growing list of connected devices including the Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox, and PlayStation. According to reports programmers like […]

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