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Roku & Walmart Are Teaming Up to Launch Exclusive New Roku Players & Audio Products This year

This week Roku and Walmart quietly announced a deal to release Roku branded streaming players and audio devices under the Walmart ONN brand. Hidden inside Roku’s earning statement was a short line that said “We recently agreed with Walmart to offer several new Roku devices including audio products to their customers under their onn brand. […]

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Updated: Roku Has Reportedly Canceled Plans For its Own Voice Assistant That Would Have Challenged Siri, Google, & Alexa

For some time now, we have heard that Roku was working on building its own voice assistant. Back in January 2018, at CES it was even shown off but now The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Roku has canceled plans to introduce its own voice assistant that would take on Alexa and Siri. Update; […]

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Roku’s CEO is Spending More Time on International But Not Ready To Confirm Plans For Expansion

Back in July Variety reported that Roku was looking at expanding internationally. According to reports Roku was planning to expand into Brazil and other countries around the world. Roku is already in a few markets outside of the United States including Mexico and Canada but is not as widespread as some of their competitors. Now […]

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Roku’s Revenues Are up 59% in The 2nd Quarter of 2019 & Roku Now has 30 Million Active Accounts

Today Roku announced its 2nd quarter 2019 earnings and Roku’s ad/subscription revenue has continued to climb to a new record outpacing revenues from Roku player sales. In the 2nd quarter of 2019 Roku’s revenues was $250.1 million up 59% year over year. Gross profits also went up 47% year over year to $114.2 million. Roku […]

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Roku Reportedly Controls 43% of All Connected TVs Compared to Amazon Fire TV’s 18%

Today Conviva released their “State of the Streaming TV Industry” report that looked at many aspects of streaming TV. One of the areas it considered was the most popular streaming player and according to Conviva Roku controls 43% of all connected TVs in the United States. According to the report, Amazon’s Fire TV is the second […]

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