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Roku Express 2017

Twitch Returns to Roku Players

A few weeks ago Amazon quietly pulled their Twitch app from Roku players. If you already had the Twitch app installed on your Roku player, you could keep using it; however, Amazon announced it was removing its app from the Roku Channel Store. Now Twitch is returning to Roku players with the Twitched Roku Channel, […]

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Roku Ultra 2017

The Free Live Sports Service Stadium Launches on Roku & Apple TV with On-Demand Content

In 2017 Stadium launched on Pluto TV, Twitter, Facebook, and over-the-air in select markets. Stadium is owned by a collection of industry leaders including MLBAM, NHL, the PGA TOUR, Time Inc, and Sinclair Broadcasting Group—the largest over-the-air TV owner in the United States. Now Stadium has launched on the Apple TV and Roku not only […]

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First Look: Roku’s New Voice Assistant

Last week Roku announced a new Voice Assistant as part of their new Roku Connect program, which will bring Roku to your smart soundbar and smart speaker. The new whole-home entertainment licensing program will enable manufacturers to build soundbars and smart speakers, surround sound, and multiroom audio systems that use Roku Connect software to work […]

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