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News / 3 weeks ago

YouTube TV Adds Three More Add-On Channel Options

Today, Cinedigm announced that three of its most popular channels are now available on YouTube TV as optional add-ons. YouTube TV’s over three m…
News / 4 weeks ago

YouTube TV Adds Law & Crime as an Add-On Channel

Law & Crime, a channel for staying up to date on live trials and true crime, is now available as an add-on on YouTube TV. Law & Crime gives vi…
News / 4 weeks ago

YouTube TV Launches 4K Plus Add-On for $19.99/Month

Today, YouTube is launching its 4K Plus add-on. With the optional add-on, subscribers will get 4K streaming, downloads, and unlimited streams at home.
News / 1 month ago

YouTube TV is Offering Free TiVo Stream 4K and Chromecast Devices

With YouTube TV still feuding with Roku, the streaming service is now giving subscribers one of two alternatives by offering either a free TiVo Stream…
News / 2 months ago

YouTube TV is Offering Three Week Free Trials on Twitter

YouTube TV is giving away three week free trials from their Twitter page today. The streaming service asked followers to tag friends in response to a…
News / 3 months ago

(Update: Roku Responds) As Talks With Roku Continue, Google Adds YouTube TV Workaround to YouTube App

(Editor’s Note: Updated post with official statement from Roku)The latest move in the ongoing fight between Roku and Google sees the latter addi…
News / 3 months ago

Google Responds to Roku’s Warning About Dropping YouTube TV

Google has responded to Roku’s statement Monday, denying the claims made by Roku and noting that the negotiations between the streaming platform…
News / 3 months ago

Roku Warns That YouTube TV Could be Removed from Platform

With Roku and Google at odds, Roku is warning YouTube TV subscribers that the streaming service could be removed from the platform in the coming days.
News / 3 months ago

Google To Shut Down Play Movies & TV App on Major Smart TVs in June, Redirecting Users to YouTube

A recent update indicates Google is planning to shut down its Google Play Movies & TV app on several major smart TV platforms: Roku (including TVs…
Deals / 4 months ago

YouTube TV is Offering Up to $20 Off/Month for Your First Three Months

YouTube TV has an offer for new subscribers, for either $10 or $20 off your first three months, bringing your price down as low as $44.99/month. A CCN…