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When Is Amazon’s Fire TV Adding YouTube, YouTube TV, & YouTube Kids? You Asked, We Answer

Almost every day someone asks us when will Amazon add YouTube, YouTube TV, and YouTube Kids. In April, Google and Amazon announced that YouTube, YouTube Kids, & YouTube TV will be coming back to the Fire TV sometime this year. Ever since that announcement was made, we’ve had daily requests for a date. During our […]

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YouTube TV Subscribers Who Pay Using iTunes Now Pay $5 More a Month vs Paying Directly Through YouTube TV

Do you subscribe to YouTube TV through iTunes? You may want to consider canceling that subscription and signing up directly through YouTube TV. Apple has started to contact YouTube TV subscribers who use iTunes to manage their YouTube TV account to notify them that their price is going up to $54.99 a month. That is […]

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PlayStation Vue Reportedly Has 800K Subscribers & YouTube TV Reportedly Tops 1 Million Subscribers

Finding out exact subscriber numbers for some streaming services like PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV can be difficult. Often they do not announce subscriber numbers. Now thanks to eMarketer we are getting a good idea of how well these services are doing. According to eMarketer PlayStation Vue now has over 800,000 subscribers and YouTube TV […]

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PlayStation Vue Has the Most Satisfied Subscribers Beating Out Sling TV & YouTube TV

Today the ACSI released their yearly American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) giving us a look at the current state of live TV streaming. According to that report, PlayStation Vue was the live TV streaming service with the most satisfied customers. “Video streaming once again proves itself to be the best of the telecom industries in […]

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