CBS Plans to Bring the Bundle to Cord Cutting

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CBS seems to be looking to drive subscribers to their CBS All Access and their Showtime Anytime services by bundling them together. At least according to their CEO Les Moonves during an earnings call last Thursday.

“As we head into the spring and have Star Trek and Twin Peaks coming out on those competing platforms, how great will it be looking forward to be able to market them together at a slight discount if you buy them both, but that’s part of our intent,” Moonves said, according to a .

Now the question is at what discount. Currently CBS All Access costs $5.99 a month with ads or $9.99 ad-free. Showtime Anytime costs $10.99 a month. So we are likely looking at a bundle deal between $15 and $20 a month.

With the ad-supported version of CBS All Access the bill would be $16.98. Our guess is the slight discount will be in the $15 price range maybe $15.99.

One has to wonder if they are moving in the wrong direction with this deal. Cord cutting is about flexibility. This seems to be moving away from a more flexible option. If CBS wanted to drive more subs they would likely have more success by just lowering their prices.

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